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Jerry Hjeltness has always set mile-stones when it came to the quality and authenticity of auto restorations – there is no better!

In the early 1980s, at a 300SL club monthly meeting we all witnessed the first Jerry Hjeltness engine bay restoration; the rest as they say is history when Jerry’s cars always took trophies at any concours d’elegance. So when Gottlieb Daimler coined his motto “Das Beste oder nichts” I think he was referring to Hjeltness Restoration.

Adam Chen

I have known Jerry Hjeltness for over 35 years and Eric since he joined the firm. I bought my 300SL Gullwing in 1961 and decided to restore it after my retirement in 1989.

I did some of the work myself but the major work such as total refurbishment of the engine, transmission, oil and water radiators, brake booster, upholstery, glass and trim, installation and alignment of the body, doors, hood, trunk, the intricate door handle assemblies, rocker panels and belly pans were all done at Hjeltness Restoration. Their work is absolute perfection!

When I noticed that the original grille pieces did not perfectly conform to the original body contours, Jerry had his magicians do the necessary work to make the fit more precise than the factory ever had time to produce. Besides the perfection of their work, there were other observations I made that were very important to me such as the organization of the multitude of parts for each car which were kept separately, the time-keeping whereby each technician would clock on and off each car as the work required. I really liked the detail and precision that I saw all around their operation. These attitudes I attributed to Jerry’s early career as an expert professional machinist. Eric has exactly the same traits and is extremely precise in whatever he works on.

When I decided to sell my Gullwing after 50 years of ownership, I contacted Jerry and Eric to see if they would be interested in finding a buyer. Eric managed the entire process and was able to match my car with a terrific fellow who appreciates and uses the car.

In the 20 years since my Gullwing was restored, I had never let anyone touch it except Hjeltness Restoration and that is saying something since I live 500 miles away from their facility. In summary, I would not hesitate for a minute to recommend Hjeltness Restoration for restoration or servicing of any vehicle or for finding a new home for a classic automobile. For my money, they are the best and most honest in the business.

Bill Beckers

“World class work done by world class people. Perfection in craftsmanship and originality, coupled with honesty and integrity. They are simply the best!!”

Jim Fasnacht

“Attention to detail most always results in a show winning restoration, Jerry and Eric at Hjeltnes Restoration can give you that show winning detail.”

Chuck Brahms

They are the best. Hjeltness Restoration took a car (Gullwing) that sat rusting in an airplane hanger since 1964 and made it new. It couldn’t have come off the dealer’s showroom any finer.

They have old school craftsmen whose first objective is quality; a goal set and promoted by Eric and Jerry. In addition to the excellent work, and most important to me, they were a pleasure to deal with.

I would recommend Eric, Jerry and Sue to everyone.

Gordon Hayes

This past March, I decided to sell my 1957 Mercedes 300SL Roadster. After discussing my plans with Eric and Jerry Hjeltness of Hjeltness Restoration, I decided that they were the right ones to sell my car. I have known Eric and Jerry for many years and they had done some body work and other maintenance on my car. I knew that I could trust them to take care of my car and find the right buyer at the right price.

I dropped the car off at their shop in April 2013. Almost immediately Eric had prospective buyers interested in my car. He kept me updated on all the interested buyers and their questions and comments on a daily basis. An international buyer made an offer, that Eric and I decided was a good offer, and the car was sold in May 2013. Eric handled all the paper work with the buyer’s broker again, letting me know how the funds would be deposited, the transfer of title, and when the car would be shipped, etc.

Although this was a difficult decision to sell my car, with their knowledge and expertise, Jerry and Eric made this transaction very easy, and less stressful. They handled this sale as if they were selling their own car.

Bill Lyons

Hjeltness Restoration has been instrumental in the successful renovation of my 1957 Corvette which I have owned for almost fifty years. When it comes to my “family heirloom”, I have extremely high expectations concerning the quality of the work on this car. Jerry and his team have never let me down. Their attention to detail is second to none and I highly recommend them to anyone who appreciates old world craftsmanship and attention to details. My business is all about quality construction and performance for people with high expectations. This is the same business model offered by the Hjeltness Restoration team.

G. Bruce Dunn, President Mission Pools of Escondido