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Hjeltness Restoration Workshop

We have had the advantage for so many years of completely disassembling the automobiles that we are restoring. In many cases there is no substitute for doing a complete restoration. Whether it’s the body that needs to be pulled from the chassis or the seat springs that are exhumed from the dry crusty old padding the project gets rebuilt correctly with no regrets at completion, or worse on the concours field! This advantage of going all the way has given us great insight and experience. Even if your project doesn’t warrant a complete restoration we’ll know the best plan of attack.

Testimonials of our Craftsmanship

"The Shape of Perfect"
First in Class at the 2011 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, - [perfect score sheet]
Reproducing the past
"Hjeltness is reproducing the past, a long drive makes one quite familiar with yesterday."
"Unique among gullwings"
1954 300SL chassis #25
"Emphatic Detail"
1954 300SL chassis #20
"Drivable icons"
Beauty and function held to the same standard.